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Divz will help you elevate your software game by custom tailoring quick and easy software solutions that fit your needs and make your users happy!

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We sit down and define the goals of your upcoming project. We'll clearly layout the most important bits and pieces.


We make a technical blueprint of what your project should look like and how it should behave. We'll review it together one more time!


Our team starts working tirelessly to start achieveing milestones. You'll be updated along the way!


We finalize and deliver your polished product! We'll always be around in case you need anymore help!

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Easy & Delicious Recipes

Find and offer regular cooking motivation. Find plans, cooks, recordings, and how-tos dependent on the food you love and the companions you follow. You're certain to discover something that will fulfill your hunger here!

Deconstructed Chicken Salad180 calories
Time5 mins
Servings3 people
Grilled Garden Salmon120 calories
Time15 mins
Servings2 people
Chicken Curry with Rice210 calories
Time25 mins
Servings3 people
Buttery Chicken Skewers180 calories
Time15 mins
Servings4 people
Indian Curry Chicken180 calories
Time5 mins
Servings3 people
Modern Beige Lounge Chair
$ 2,509.00Rico Lounge Chair
4.7 (57 reviews)
SKU: FL-100273103

The Rico series welcomes curves and volumes into a classic design defined by soft lines and an embracing expression. Contrasting the sturdiness of the frame, the armchair has an upholstery of timeless, yet easeful fabrics including Bouclé, which is woven of uneven yarn to attain the rich, loopy texture of the surface or rich and soft brushed chenille.

Building your Next Big Idea

Web and Cloud Applications

Host your next portfolio, application, or exposition online! This can be anything from function applications to static websites.

Desktop and Mobile Apps

Build your next app idea for any desktop or mobile platform you'd like!


Make it easy to build and scale your next online service business!
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Improving Exposure and Gathering Data

Search Engine Optimization

Increase traffic to your website and dominate search result indexes by pushing your website to the top.


Get valuable insight into how users are behaving on your website and figure out what works and what doesn't.
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Getting Paid

Payment Services

Make it easy for you to get paid and for your users to pay you with various payment options.
Knowledge Transfer
Data Organization
Proper Tool Usage
Code Review
Increased Performance
Best Practices

Support and Guidance


Need a package or library built for your development team? We can help you build whatever pieces you're missing with beautiful results and documentation.

Code Review and System Improvement

We can offer you another set of eyes and review your current system and underlying code; After which suggestions can be made and improvements can be implemented.
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